Friday, February 20, 2009

Baptism Keepsake Book

I have designed and created several keepsake books over the past few years. I enjoy making custom books, from the choosing of fabrics to designing custom papers and page layouts. I began with a 6 in. x 6 in. Baptism Keepsake Book for the Primary children in our last ward. I decided to make a custom personalized one for my niece, and there branched out to making custom Wedding Keepsake Albums for my brother and his bride and my sister and her new husband, in their wedding colors and special fabrics on the covers. Here are photos of the most recent Baptism Keepsake Book I created for my friend's niece. I am posting them because I get a lot of comments from people that I should sell them. They are a labor of love, however, and I could not make enough money to compensate my time in producing them unless they were outrageously priced. Hopefully I can make them for my nephews and nieces and the baptism-age Primary children in each ward I have been in so far!
This is the front cover with fabric, custom paper I designed, and ribbon and flower embellishments.The inside of the book has several pages with spots for pictures and places to write thoughts and information about the baptism day for the child. I think that these special events should be remembered with a special keepsake for the child to look at and remember their day for the rest of their life.